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Introduction of AL-EMS

  • AL-EMS is applied the principle of a linear motor. The induction coil of the stirrer acts as stator and the electrically conducting melt in the furnace as the rotor, when the coil is applied to a low frequency power, it will generated a traveling magnetic field which penetrate the furnace wall or hearth and interact with the molten aluminium, makes the melt moving in the bath. The flow velocity and direction can be changed as the power applied to the induction coil changes.
  • System constitution:

  • Benefits:

  • Homogenize the chemical composition; improve aluminium and aluminium alloy’s quality
  • No physical contact with the molten aluminium, no contamination occur in stirring
  • Decrease the melt temperature difference to ?? reduce the furnace temperature
  • Reduce melting cycle time by 10~25%, dross reduction up to 15~25%
  • Cut down power consumption by 10~25%
  • Avoild frequently furnace cleaning and increase lining life
  • Reduce labor intensity of operator by a big margin.
  • appliction mode

    1. demonstration of bottom type EMS

  • 2. demonstration of side type EMS

    3. EMS for double-chamber furnace

  • ?bottom type EMS for twin-chamber furnace
  • ?side type EMS for twin-chamber furnace
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