◎ Electromagnetic stirring system is put into use in Aleris Dingsheng Aluminum (Zhenjiang) 2013-6-24

  • Aleris' 40 ton tilting smelting & heat retaining gas type furnace which adopts Unique's electromagnetic stirring system has been put into production in early Mar. 2013. Our equipment serves well and is praised by customer.
  • Electromagnetic stirring system put into use in the project is our newest generation of EMS system. It adopts Dual-PWM power system which have characters of low power consumption, power efficiency is high nearly equal to "1", stirring performance is remarkable and technology is mature and stable.
  • After Aleris Dingsheng Aluminum (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd.'s thick aluminum alloy plate production project is put into operation, the mid&thick plate annual production is expected to be 150kt.
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